CNN: ‘It’s a girl! Gender of penguin raised by Sydney’s beloved same-sex parents revealed’

 “It feels like just yesterday that Sphen and Magic, the same-sex penguin couple living at Sydney‘s Sea Life Aquarium in Australia, melted the Internet’s hearts by bringing a baby chick into the world.Well now we have an update on the adorable trio. Sea Life Aquarium has just announced that the beloved penguin chick born in October — known as Baby Sphengic — is female.”We’ve loved how engaged and interested the visitors from all over the world are, having followed the love story of Sphen and Magic,” Laetitia Hannan, penguin keeper at the aquarium, tells CNN Travel.


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‘A Peacock in the Land of Penguins: A Tale of Diversity and Discovery’

From summary:

“A Peacock in the Land of Penguins brings new insight to an important topic – workforce diversity. Written in a charming, engaging style, it is a contemporary “”corporate fable”” – a tale for our times. This story echoes one that is unfolding each and every day in organizations all across the country – how to manage the increasing diversity of the workforce and capture the talent, energy, and commitment of all employees.”

The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin (YouTube)

his short animation is a zany version of the classic fairy tale, with the leading role played by a mistreated, romantic penguin, with hilarious results. Cinderella Penguin loses her magic flipper as she runs to meet her midnight deadline, but all ends well when Prince Charming finds the right webbed foot and the nasty step-family is brought to heel. A 1981 Oscar® nominee.

Little Penguin’s Tale (YouTube)

Based on the book…

Amazon review from Booklist:

“Just as in the story that Grand Nanny Penguin is telling, Little Penguin slides down hills, dances with wild, silly, goony birds, and almost gets eaten by a whale. “The deep greens, bright yellows, and glacial blues depict a northern world of fun and frolic that is warm and appealing.”–Booklist